Biochemistry - reagents and equipment, antibodies

Reliable results are guaranteed with the raw materials of European quality:
Bio-RAD, Himedia, Macherey-Nagel, Abcam, Exbio, 4titude, Eppendorf, BioVision, ADSBiotec, Enzo, VWR, Bioss, Biosan
Laboratory equipment - accuracy and safety of research

General laboratory equipment


Optical equipment

PCR equipment

Sampling and preparation

Food quality control

Instruments for the analysis of petroleum products

Different purity grades, from tech. to extra pure, of the reagents


•  Solvents 


Buffer solutions

Calibration solutions

Ready-to-use culture media 

Components for culture media


Consumables are from the glass slides to the bottles

Laboratory glassware

Automatic pipettes and pipette tips 

Test tubes and Petri dishes 

Filter paper 

Paraffin tape and indicator paper 

Test kits 

Vials and glass slides


Monoclonal antibodies - the manufacturer gives 100% guarantee

More than 100,000 products for cell biology: antibodies, recombinant proteins, cell lysates, peptides, ELISA kits, Immunohistochemistry kits.

The line of antibodies and reagents is optimized for various research methods. The following are in the assortment:

Conjugated and unconjugated primary antibodies 

Secondary antibodies 

Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies 

Conjugation kits and solutions for diluting antibodies

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